E-book Submission

What are specific vendor requirements?

Our vendors will not accept:

  • Content designed to be interactive (e.g., puzzles, colouring books, journals, etc.)
  • Non-English content that has not been proofed
  • Low-resolution images
  • Content displaying multiple font sizes
  • Content with references to pages numbers
  • Content references to physical materials (e.g., CDs, posters, audio books, etc.)
  • Books with “exclusive” as part of the title or subtitle
  • Nonstandard capitalisation for a title or subtitle
  • Books without cover art
  • Covers with art less than the 1,400-pixel minimum
  • Covers with unnecessary borders
  • Cover art designed to intentionally confuse readers
  • URL that does not go to a current live site
  • Links or statements of where to buy an e-book from a competing vendor
  • Pen names with additional designations (e.g., illustrated by, translated by, etc.)