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Language : English
Publication Date : 14-03-2014

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5x8
Page Count : 350
ISBN : 9781482819243
Format : E-Book
Dimensions : N/A
Page Count : 350
ISBN : 9781482819236

About the Book

Human violence is biggest cause of human suffering that man alone, not even God, can avoid. Killing another human being is most insignificant part of total quantum of violence perpetrated by mankind, at least in modern age. God takes care of human beings. Having faith in God is meaningless unless we human beings do not take care of humanity. It is difficult to say whether many practical truths that serve the universe well, get unified to become absolute truth or it is the other way round. This however is certain that source of all truths is universal intelligence, not yours or mine, that has God’s blessings. Man’s Dharma is to explore the truth, internalize it and to conduct himself accordingly. This, in author’s opinion, was the hypothesis based on which Gandhi carried out his experiments all through his life and established a theory that has the potential to become a universal law. The book arrives at the theory using Gandhi’s words and author’s interpretations; and no third opinion. The author says, “It, at best, is a manuscript in printed form that shall become a book only if it generates at least some thought action from its readers.”

About the Author

The author’s father was a follower of Gandhi who encouraged his son to think independently and study science. Promod Kumar Sharma started writing at the age of ten and continued till he graduated as an engineer from I. I. T. Kanpur. The authors he liked in his college days were Ernest Hemingway, Maxim Gorky and Munshi Premchand. He discovered that modern education provides information and knowledge but filters away wisdom. Promod enjoyed exploring and experimenting. He spent major part of his life as a successful technical entrepreneur but a financial struggler. At the age of 64 now, he studies scriptures, teaches physics and experiments with education. Promod speaks very little; and virtually nothing about himself. He said, “One learns from life, but only when he has true sense of justice and tries to live on his own terms. Making use of one’s intellect for exploration, analysis and drawing inferences is fine but conclusions must come from heart.”