Submission to a local distributor in Singapore and Malaysia

Having your book distributed within your area is just as important as making it available to the rest of the world. With this service, your book will be submitted to a local distributor, who will endeavour to make your work available to bookstores and libraries across Singapore, Malaysia, and Brunei.

Through this local distributor, bookstores and libraries can order copies of your book on returnable terms at local rates, as opposed to having the merchants order from overseas wholesalers at international prices.

On top of that, the local distributor performs the dual function of sales and order fulfilment. They have dedicated sales reps who primarily present titles to retail and library buyers for sale.* Through their relationships with various bookstores and libraries in Singapore, Malaysia, and Brunei, they are able to promote your book to buyers and get you access to retail and institutional buyers you might not otherwise land.

If you're publishing under the Diamond, Gold, or Platinum publishing packages, this means that your book will be ready for distribution as soon as it is published.**

*The distributor chooses books at their discretion, and your book must be returnable to qualify for consideration.

** Partridge does not have control over whether a bookstore will order and stock your book. A local distributor will improve your chances of getting bookstores interested in your book, but you still need a solid marketing plan and ongoing marketing campaigns yourself.