Pricing & Royalty

How does Partridge Publishing calculate royalty payments?

Partridge Singapore gives authors a royalty rate of 10% through our distribution channels for print and audio formats. Royalties are based on the payments we actually receive from the sale of printed or audio copies of your book, less any shipping and handling charges or sales and use taxes. Also, we offer discounts to retail and wholesale customers, so the royalty amount you receive depends on what type of customer bought your book and any discount they received. For each royalty-qualifying sale in a print or audio format through our website bookstores, you will receive 25% of the retail price.

You should be aware that the largest retailers, including Barnes & Noble and Amazon, place orders for Partridge Singapore titles through Ingram; those orders will appear as wholesale sales on your royalty statement.

For each royalty-qualifying sale of your work in digital format (e-book), you will receive 50% of the digital net, less any returns. The digital net equals the retail price less promotional discounts, distribution discounts, and sales taxes.