US Copyright Registration


Now that your book is available to the public, you need to protect your published work. Partridge Singapore supplies you with this prerequisite service by registering your copyright with the US Copyright Office.

Registering your work with the US Copyright Office provides peace of mind and provides a public record of the author’s ownership of the material. If you select US Copyright Registration service, Partridge will complete the necessary paperwork and submit it, along with two required copies of your book, to the US Copyright Office. Once registration is complete, you will receive an official certificate that verifies your book’s coverage under US copyright regulations. Steps/fulfillment timeline:

  • Approximately two weeks after live date (or after contract date if title is already live), two copies of the book will be ordered and shipped to Partridge.
  • Copyright forms are filled out and placed with copies, then shipped to US Copyright Office.
  • It takes anywhere from 6 to 12 months for a completed Certificate of Registration to arrive at Partridge.
  • The certificate/registration number is logged for our records and then the original document is forwarded to the author via Priority Mail.

Note: If this service is purchased after your book has been published, additional fees may apply.

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