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Your Partridge Guide to Copy-Editing
Ready to publish your book? Here’s something you should keep in mind before handing in your manuscript: a book isn’t finished simply because you’re done writing it. You still have to work towards transforming your book into the best version it can be by making sure it is error-free. And here at Partridge, we can offer you our copy-editing expertise.
But first, what is copy-editing?
copy-edit (verb) - Edit (text to be printed) by checking its consistency and accuracy.
Here at Partridge Singapore, our copy editors will check and point out errors in your work, make sure its message is clear, potentially improve its marketability once published, and more by:
Polishing your work without making any direct changes to the manuscript that might interfere with your unique style or voice Making sure your manuscript is fit for publication by spotting and pointing out errors and inconsistencies in style, grammar, punctuation, spelling, and word usage Consulting references (the Oxford Style Manual and Oxford Dictionaries) to verify that edits made are defensible and properly supported
The copy-editing service may be purchased as an add-on service.
How exactly can a Partridge copy editor help improve your book?
Using the Oxford Style Manual as foremost reference, they will correct errors in:
Spelling & Word Usage
We will also be including suggestions where we think some sentences can be improved or recast for coherence, conciseness, and readability.
Sentence Structure
Coherence in Your Transition of Ideas
Consistency in Style
Worried that submitting your work to a copy editor might completely change the direction of your book? That’s no cause for concern because taking the supported self-publishing route with us means you get to have the final say on what to change and what to retain in your book. Our professionally trained copy editors will take your style into consideration and help polish your manuscript without changing your unique writing voice.
To learn more about our copy-editing service or to purchase a publishing package, call us today on 800 101 2657 (toll-free in Singapore) or +65 6494 8865 (outside Singapore, international calling rates apply). You may also send an e-mail to
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