Your Book & Supported Self-Publishing—
                                    Will It Work?
Traditional, DIY, and supported self-publishing—these are publishing options available to aspiring authors like you. What sets supported self-publishing apart from the others? And is it the best choice for you and your book? Read on to find out.
Traditional Publishing
When you take the traditional route, you benefit from the expertise of publishing, editing, marketing, and bookselling professionals—all with little to no financial investment. But when it comes to your book’s content and design, you won’t get to make the decisions and have the final say. You have to give up the rights to your work as well.
DIY Publishing
With do-it-yourself or DIY publishing, you manage every aspect of the publishing process and retain the rights to your work. But it is up to you to edit, format, market, and distribute your book. You will have to do the legwork and may need to tap various professionals for these services—and that can be expensive.
Supported Self-Publishing
So what’s the great thing about supported self-publishing? It provides access to a wide range of publishing and bookselling services, and the support of industry professionals while having the ability to publish your book the way you want to and keep the rights to your work.
Here's how supported self-publishing stacks against the other publishing models:
Usually x x Requires a literary agent
√ ? √ Gives access to editing and proofreading services
Maybe ? √ Gives access to marketing and publicity services
x ? x Requires a large cash-out for a big print run
x ? √ Offers a custom-designed book cover and interior
x √ √ Lets you keep all rights to your manuscript
√ ? √ Offers distribution through sales channels
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