When Men Don’t Cry and Other Plays for Teens

Hearing the Voices of Today’s Youths

by Samuel Williams



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 11/1/2013

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 7.5x9.25
Page Count : 438
ISBN : 9781482895926

About the Book

Even the worst of us have a story to tell and a rationalization to share. The problem is that the “best of us” have already judged them unworthy. Many plays for student actors shy away from serious subjects. Even so, today’s world is a serious place, and young people are facing some of the biggest challenges of their lives—gangs, drugs, bullying, broken homes, violence in the street. Seeking to address these topics, playwright Samuel Williams presents When Men Don’t Cry and Other Plays for Teens, the last in his four-book series of plays. Powerful and relevant, these short dramatic works offer insight, understanding, and social commentary for today’s youths, their teachers, and their families. Educational as well as entertaining, these plays shine a light on a troubled and often misunderstood generation. Acted out on stage or read aloud in a group setting, Williams’ easy-to-read tales look past teens’ tattoos, piercings, gang colors, and sagging pants to find their humanity. Ideal for schools and church groups, parents, and teens, When Men Don’t Cry and Other Plays for Teens explores a litany of experiences and seeks to positively change the fundamental way that people see today’s youth and family dynamics.

About the Author

Samuel Williams is a native of Wadley, Georgia. He attended Paine College in Augusta, Georgia, graduating with a BA in English. Since then, he has attended a number of schools and earned numerous other degrees, awards, and recognitions. Teacher, coach, mentor, and minister of the gospel, Williams has set out to identify, entertain, and empower his readers through dramatic works dealing with a myriad of significant contemporary issues.