You’ve already created and published something worth reading—why not promote it with something worth watching too? Add an audiovisual element to your marketing campaign with Partridge’s Premium Book Video service. Check out the infographic here or read the transcript below it to learn more.

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Video: An Engaging Way to Share Your Story

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. In that case, a video—a series of moving pictures—is worth a lot more. A book video allows you to tell your story in a unique way. By using both visuals and sound, it can help you:

Share Stories

Words, graphics, animation, and audio—combine these together and you are able to share ideas to readers in an interactive, entertaining way.

Evoke Emotions

Sound is known to bring up associated feelings and memories. That, coupled with striking visuals, can bring about strong emotions.

Drive Action

Videos are considered successful marketing tools, with marketers naming video as content with one of the best return on investment.

How can you incorporate video into your campaign?

Add it to your website and social media pages.

There’s nothing like a good video to make your online pages more engaging. Upload it to YouTube or Vimeo and share it on your Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts. Post it on your own website, on Goodreads, or on your Amazon author page (if you have one).

Use it for on-site author events.

Perfect for press conferences, literary festivals, book signings, and such, a book video can do the talking for you—whether you want to discuss your story or your writing journey.

Add a link to your video on your email signature.

Not everyone might click on it, but a number of people probably will. And even if someone only clicks out of idle curiosity, you may just turn them into a reader!

Ready to explore video’s potential as a marketing platform for your book? We can help.

Partridge’s Premium Book Video Service
SGD 6,099.00

Here are the highlights of this service:

  • A 60- to 90-second, custom-made book video
  • Complex imagery mixed with live-action video scenes and professional voice-over to help tell your story better
  • Distribution of your video on YouTube
  • Review of your video for TV and film consideration by 5 More Minutes

*Already have a Standard Book Video service included in your publishing package? As long as that service hasn’t been fulfilled, you can still upgrade to a Premium Book Video service for a fee.

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