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Online Book Tour - Cruise


Take this opportunity to maximise your book’s potential for sales by getting you and your book featured in online book blogs.

Here’s what you get:

  1. Your book cover, author bio, and book description with a link to where viewers can order the book will be posted on twenty (20) blogs, together with a $25 USD Amazon gift certificate offer. This will run for two (2) weeks.
  2. Up to one month of tour stops in which the author and book will appear on fifteen (15) blogs. Author interacts with blog followers through an author interview or a book review.
  3. Personalised tour page that will include the book cover, book summary, buying information, author photo, and author bio, including website and blog links. The personalised tour page will remain active even after the tour ends so that potential readers down the road can find information about the book.
  4. Personalised Tour Banner that will appear on the personalised tour page and will also be sent to blog hosts. You may also use the tour banner for other promotional purposes.
  5. For pre-tour publicity, a search engine optimised press release is sent to distribution sites to announce the upcoming blog tour.

Extended Campaign Add-ons

If you want to maximise your blog tour experience, you can also sign up for these add-ons:

  • Online Book Tour – Additional 10 Stops – 109,299
  • Online Book Tour – Additional 15 Stops – 152,999

Any existing book trailer, audio clip and/or book widget can also be used on all the tour stops.

Note: While we do our best to match your book with relevant blogs, Partridge India cannot guarantee that your book will appear on specific or thematically related blogs. Blog stops are selected based on positive interest from the blog owners and are subject to their discretion.

View this infographic to learn more about how this service works