Internet Marketing

Online Booksellers Advertising

Advertise your book with two of the most reliable names in online bookselling: Amazon and Ingram

Online Booksellers Advertising

Social Media Advertising

Whoever your book’s target readers, you’ll be sure to find your niche market on Facebook and Instagram. Find out how Partridge can assist you with this endeavour and help you advertise your book to readers on these popular social media platforms. Choose from these three packages:

Social Media Advertising - Basic
Social Media Advertising - Essential
Social Media Advertising - Advanced

Expand your audience by crossing your book marketing over to the web with Partridge Africa’s Display Ads on Google. Your book ad, whether in text-only or image-and-text format, will be displayed on relevant content websites your target readers are likely to visit.

Through this service, you have sufficient control over your book ad’s visibility with different targeting options: location, age, language, audience interest, topic, keywords, and even specific websites that are a part of the Google Display Network.

Whether you are promoting a newly published book or re-launching a title, the Display Ads on Google service can help you broaden your marketing horizons to reach more potential readers.

Choose from these packages:

Display Advertising on Google – Standalone (30 Days)
Display Advertising on Google – Supreme

Online Book Tour

If you’ve always wanted to take your book on a tour across the country but time and other conventions prevented you from going, then this is your opportunity to visit different venues with just your personal computer and access to the Internet.

Online Book Tour - Cruise

Author Website

Make a powerful impression online by creating your very own website, which features relevant information pertaining to yourself—the author—and your book.

Author Website Starter Set-Up
Author Website Regular Set-Up
Author Website Advanced Set-Up

Book Video Advertising on Youtube

Take your book promotions to another level – advertise your book on YouTube!

Book Video Advertising on YouTube - 30 days
Book Video Advertising on YouTube - 60 days
Book Video Advertising on YouTube - 90 days

Barnes & Noble and Amazon Search Programme

Book Buyer's Preview

Google Search Marketing

SEM (Search Engine Marketing) places your ad on the search results page of web users searching keywords connected to your book.

SEM – 50 clicks
SEM – 100 clicks
SEM – 250 clicks
SEM – 500 clicks
SEM – 1000 clicks