By Anthony Ajayi
Published: 4/24/2015
Format: Softcover
Pages: 112
Size: 5x8
ISBN: 9781482806762
Print Type: B/W

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About the Book

"The book hopes to enlighten the mind of mankind to separate the soul from the conscious acknowledgement of guilt and to see the beauty of the imperfection of man in the structure of God to exalt the sovereignty of God. Until the soul understands the wisdom behind this naked imperfection and appropriately respond to the demand for this essence of God's goodwill which God hopes to express through sinful nature of flesh, he would remain limited by guilt and be dead and isolated from the beautiful life which is the streaming light of the imagination of God issued from the spring of the holy Spirit that God freely gives to everyone who understands this mystery that has a root in the thought of God which is the need behind and the lesson ahead of the creation and destiny of humanity.

It is a universal message...the voice of a new dawn and the revival of the soul from the decay caused by guilt and oblivion from the original conception of God."

About the Author

The author, Anthony Ametu Ajayi is a Nigerian, a native of Igarra, Akoko-Edo, Edo state. He is a graduate of chemistry of the faculty of science Lagos State University, Lagos. Passionate about the truth, he separated himself in conscious devotion to seek the truth from his long home within --- for him, only one thing is important: the understanding of the mind of God. He loves to identify himself and be identified in fellowship with any living reflection in the radiant countenance of the well-read Spirit consciousness of God. To those who know him well, his dream has always been to turn the mind of humanity to reflect the refulgent glory of the sky. He has been called into this great work of teaching mortal man that he (mortal man) is the son of God. Presently, he worships with El-Beracha Worship Family.

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