A Football Romance
By Nina Erryck
Published: 6/19/2014
Format: E-book
Pages: 156
Size: 6x9
ISBN: 9781482801941
Print Type: B/W


Starstruck is a story about two people, a young wedding planner and a pompous football star, who meet during the World Cup tournament. The football star believes he’s God’s gift to women until he meets the girl who proves him wrong. They eventually get together, but not before the football star learns a lesson or two about humility.

The book focuses on three dilemmas that Roland Degraft, the main character, must face. Roland has money, good looks, and a thriving football career, but no interest in love, marriage, or white picket fences. That is, until two girls breeze into his life in the most unconventional ways—at least as far as Roland is concerned—and he is thrown into a triple dilemma that threatens to change his life forever.

Dilemma 1: Roland must make a choice. Becoming this attracted to one girl is very disturbing, let alone two. Now he must make a choice, but based on what? He’s equally attracted to both of them.

Dilemma 2: He must find the girl he chooses. One thing the girls have in common: they both don’t want him to find them. One uses the Internet as a shield, and the other uses the whole city as protection. How does he find two girls who don’t want to be found?

Dilemma 3: Roland must make her “starstruck”. One girl thinks she’s not good enough for him; the other believes she’s too good for him. Either way, he must find a way to convince his choice that being “starstruck” is the best thing to be.

About the Author

Nina Erryck hails from Ghana, where she works in finance and lives with her family in the nation’s capital, Accra. Graduating from the University of Ghana with a degree in English, she reads ravenously despite having such a demanding job. Nina has travelled to the UK and South Africa, and has otherwise stayed in Ghana, where – in addition to writing novels and reading widely – she possesses an avid interest in the world of film. Nina considers her talent for writing to be a gift, and we certainly look forward to seeing more novels after Starstruck.

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