Preparing for a Happy and Comfortable Life in Retirement

A Guide to a Comfortable Life in Retirement
by Zachariah Dauke Suleiman mnim

The prospect of retirement should be something that one looks forward to – not one that causes fear and anxiety. Suleiman’s book empowers people to be prepared for a time in their lives that should be both relaxing and enjoyable. Read more.

The Dichotomy: Facts and Perceptions

by Lenkwane H. Mathunyane

The Dichotomy: Facts and Perceptions is a synthesis combining the genres of psychology, anthropology, sociology, and religion into a singular treatise on human life and the human condition. This book joins alongside a storied peerage of other explorations into relationships between humanity, culture, and belief. Read more.

My Scars Are Now My Stars

by Mysta Changes

Buyers will purchase the book since it inspires any human being, especially teenage parents, abused women, poverty-stricken people. It sends a message of hope. It shows that education is the key to a successful life and that you are never too old to start studying. No matter what your current circumstance is, it need not determine your future. Read more.


by Anthony Ajayi

"The book hopes to enlighten the mind of mankind to separate the soul from the conscious acknowledgement of guilt and to see the beauty of the imperfection of man in the structure of God to exalt the sovereignty of God. Read more.

Personal Crucibles

Learning to Lead Through Adversity and Struggles
by Joe Mutizwa

Personal Crucibles provides a compelling narrative about how adversity enables people to develop and grow-fluid as leaders. Read more.

Creativity and Youth

A Potential Guide
by John Paul Udom

The fact that things are changing rapidly in the world calls for serious attention. From the development in technology to the inhuman subjection of fellow men to injury, it is due for us to ask this question: how is everything going? Read more.


A Football Romance
by Nina Erryck

Starstruck is a story about two people, a young wedding planner and a pompous football star, who meet during the World Cup tournament. The football star believes he’s God’s gift to women until he meets the girl who proves him wrong. They eventually get together, but not before the football star learns a lesson or two about humility. Read more.

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