Partridge Africa publishes Nina Erryck’s Starstruck

Partridge Africa is delighted to announce the publication of Starstruck, a story of the twists and turns of romance, which takes place during the excitement of the World Cup.

Nina Erryck is an English and psychology graduate from the University of Ghana. She lives with her family in Ghana’s capital city, Accra, while juggling the demands of a career in finance with her passions for reading, writing, and watching films. Nina is a voracious reader and loves to create stories.

“I have loved reading since as long as I can remember,” says Nina. “I totally hated math and so I skipped most of my math classes and hid in the school library reading. I love reading, because to me it’s an escape from the real world when things become too stressful or just too real.”

She also adds that “While I really don’t have much of a professional literary background, I have always known that I can write, and I have written a great deal of stuff that I never had the bravery to try to publish until Starstruck.”

More about Starstruck

Nina’s book – the first launched by Partridge Africa – is a romantic novel set against the timely setting of the current football fiesta. As a further dimension, her homeland, Ghana, fielded a strong team this year that presented a challenge to the formidable members of its division.

Starstruck celebrates the transformation and self-searching that take place through the course of finding and catching the one you love. In the novel, a famous but self-centred soccer star, Roland Degraft, finds himself infatuated with two strong-spirited young women, neither of whom is falling at his feet as he’d anticipated. To find his right match, he needs to discover the humility involved in giving yourself wholeheartedly – and leaving your own heart open – to another person.

Nina states that Starstruck is only the beginning of her writing ambitions. “I really hope that someday I can just be a writer and nothing else,” she says. “My writing is more of a personal thing — a gift, if you will — that I plan to hone into a skill. I have a very active imagination, and I create stories from almost everything that happens around me.”

Partridge Africa looks forward to reading more of Nina’s stories, and congratulates her once again on Starstruck!

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