Partridge Africa publishes Lenkwane H. Mathunyane’s The Dichotomy: Facts and Perceptions

Partridge Africa is very proud to announce the publication of Lenkwane H. Mathunyane’s The Dichotomy: Facts and Perceptions, an intellectual endeavour combining psychology, education, and religion to help people better understand one another.

Lenkwane H. Mathunyane is an educationist, holding a D.Ed. Degree in Psychology of Education from the University of South Africa. He has carried various roles in the South Africa Education Department, including as a Guidance Educator, Principal, Circuit Inspector, Chief Education Specialist (guidance and psychological services) and Regional Director.

“My daily work activities consisted of conducting psychometric tests, scoring (utilizing standardized tools), interpreting scores, evaluation, interviews, coaching, and motivation. The outcomes of these tests and engagements were varied and very interesting, portraying a rich nation in all facets of life. The results obtained were also used, amongst others, for guidance purposes, selection, placements, and research.

“This book, The Dichotomy: Facts and Perceptions is an endeavor to share my experiences and to reach out to the parents, teachers and students in order to broaden and deepen their understanding that the strongest bond in the social environment is the dependence on your fellow men and women.

More about The Dichotomy: Facts and Perceptions

The Dichotomy: Facts and Perceptions focuses on the interdependence of human beings in society, and explores the themes which broaden and deepen our understanding of this concept. The traditional African beliefs on human development, psychosocial development, education, and religion (rituals, ancestral spirits, and healing) feature prominently as interrelated aspects of life, complementing each other for human co-existence.

According to Lenkwane, the book seeks “to highlight differences in terms of religion, language, art and culture and so on. It denotes the existence of cultural pluralism, which of course centres around mutual exchange of customs and respect. This diversity is the nest box of a nation’s prosperity and has to be appreciated.”

Past works by Lenkwane include Christian Identity Formation, also published with Partridge Africa. Partridge Africa looks forward to the future works of Lenkwane H. Mathunyane, and congratulates him once again on The Dichotomy: Facts and Perceptions. Buy it here!

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