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Remember Cape Hermes Hotel: A Paradise in Pondoland

Remember Cape Hermes Hotel: A Paradise in Pondoland

Sande Dotyeni

"Remember Cape Hermes Hotel is a tragic true story about a young black South African who found himself living a privileged life during the harshest times in South Africa. It is a love story between this young boy and what he called a paradise in Pondoland. It is set in Port St. John's South Africa, a small seaside town overlooking the playful Indian Ocean.
Sande was a chubby little boy residing at house 331 on the hill at Cape Hermes Hotel. He was born there and raised by all staff and beloved to many. Sande lived a life many children of his time considered a luxury. The story ends tragically after his family is kicked out of the hotel, and the hotel is eventually shut down after having been in operation for more than thirty years. But before he loses the first love of his life (the hotel), he falls in love with Caitlyn, a beautiful white girl visiting the hotel with her family. It was Caitlyn who gave Sande his first kiss and influenced the rest of his life. This story is complete with interesting and memorable characters and will make you fall in love with Port St. John's and Cape Hermes Hotel.
Cape Hermes Hotel was popularly famous for its exquisite sea views and charming family rooms, which made the stay of any guest memorable. In its greatest years, it accommodated international movie stars like Roger Moore and Lee Marvin. It hosted many fishing competitions and played stadium to many movies filmed in the country at the time. The remains of this hotel now rest on that scenic first beach in Port St. John's. This book follows the interesting childhood life of Sande and his greatest moments at that beautiful hotel once considered to be a paradise in Pondoland."

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