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Once Upon a Time were the African Games

Once Upon a Time were the African Games

Jean Claude Ganga

Discover the backstage of the creation of the African Games !
“So the most impressive point was when Nelson Mandela, a former convict of Robben Island and his colleagues in the fight to crush Apartheid, hosted and welcomed sportswomen and sportsmen from all over the continent and official delegates from all around the world. You can’t imagine the emotion of all those athletes when they set foot on the South African soil, a country they’d only heard bad of, so far. The same emotion was noticed among the members of the official delegations. The fact that they could challenge champions of all kinds, white, yellow, black and metis was unprecedented, and there was much happiness and excitement about it. In my opinion, it brought an unrivalled radiance to the Olympic rings on the flag.As you’ve noticed, I kept saying personally to those who were recalling the Apartheid situation even in the domain of sports, the following words:‘I’m convinced that some day youngsters from Northern, Eastern and Western Africa, and also from the southern parts of the continent will go to Zimbabwe and to South Africa to Celebrate the African Games.’Everyone thought I was joking then.When this time came about, my dream came true.”

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