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I Am God Made Manifest: . . . And so Are You

I Am God Made Manifest: . . . And so Are You

Thandiwe Folotiya

For years I was discontent and yearning for more. When my restlessness turned into outright misery, I knew I had to find some answers. The answers came to me in a way I least expected.
This book takes you through my personal journey with spirituality,
based on the Seven Spiritual Truths by the wise and loving John the Beloved.
These ancient Truths have helped me understand my purpose…These Truths have enabled me understand my purpose, offering life-changing solutions that are present but unseen in our everyday lives. These truths have enabled me to figure out who I am (1. Be Who You Be) as I learn and grow from the circumstances of my life (2. Accept All That Is). As I navigate each day while trying to hold no judgment about what I encounter (3. Live in Harmlessness), I become mindful of the energies around me, how they affect me, and the choices I make (4. See the Illusion). As I become discerning about what to do with these energies (5. Be Discerning), I acknowledge that my fears and beliefs will affect my ability to live my purpose (6. Live in Simplicity) as I contribute to the world around me (7. Live as Community).

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