Building a World of Stories

Welcome to Partridge Africa, a new supported self-publishing imprint from Author Solutions LLC. Author Solutions has helped more than 225,000 authors publish over 310,000 titles across the globe.

Who is Partridge Africa?

Today, Author Solutions aims to provide authors like you with the tools to share your stories locally and around the world through a new publishing imprint—Partridge Africa.

Partridge Africa recognises Africa’s rich culture and heritage—and its vast collection of oral literature. It also understands the difficulties local writers face in getting their stories published and distributed.

This is where we can help!

Partridge Africa offers a comprehensive range of publishing packages and services designed to fit each author’s individual requirements and aspirations for their book. Put simply, our ambition is to help more and more writers become published authors.

The Partridge Advantage

  • Support from a team of publishing professionals
  • Creative control of your book’s design and content
  • Extensive online distribution
  • Industry-standard publishing and publicity services
  • Availability in print or electronic formats

Here at Partridge Africa, we also provide guidance to our authors based on our extensive resources and publishing experience to make your publishing process as smooth and easy as possible.

Whether you are writing your first book or the latest in your series, Partridge Africa offers concise and up-to-date content to guide you through the various stages of your book’s life cycle, from pre-publishing to post-publishing. Please click here to watch some helpful videos.

Book Formats for All Readers


Partridge Africa provides the tools to help authors share their work through as many channels and formats available so that they can reach readers wherever, whenever.


Partridge Africa recognises that Africa has a rich oral tradition with its wealth of stories that have been handed down through generations. Along with modern classics, these stories should be recorded, preserved, and published for posterity.


Electronic books are a symbol of today’s innovations. Artists, including authors, strive to produce valuable work that they hope will transcend time. However, many realise that they need to keep up with today’s fast-changing world.

Prepare for Publication

Contact a Partridge Consultant today on 0800 014971 (South Africa) or 800 006 0043 (Egypt). You may also send an e-mail to to find out which of our publishing packages will best suit you and give you the opportunity to share your story with the widest possible readership. We are here to help you with every step.