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Book lovers often look to the opinion of established industry professionals to determine what to read or purchase next—and these recommendations usually come in the form of book reviews.
 Why should you get your book reviewed?
To get an analysis of your book's strengths and areas for improvement
To test the waters while giving your book additional exposure and visibility
To gauge your book's potential in the marketplace
In the past, getting a book review was perhaps one of the most challenging tasks of self-published authors—but not anymore. Kirkus Indie Book Review service gives self-published authors access to a review programme by one of the most trusted brands in the industry—Kirkus Indie.
Who is Kirkus Indie?  
Founded by Kirkus Reviews in 2005, it caters to the self-publishing industry and is a leading source of reviews for self-published books.
Who is Kirkus Reviews?
Touted as ‘the world's toughest critic’, Kirkus is considered to be one of the most trusted and authoritative voices in book discovery, having reviewed 10,000 books in the past year alone.
How can you benefit from this service?
Access to a Reputable Book Review Service
For more than a decade, Kirkus Indie has given self-published authors the opportunity to get their books reviewed in just a few short weeks.
An Unbiased Critique of Your Work
You get an honest and unbiased assessment of your book that can range from positive, negative, to neutral.
Added Marketability for Your Book
A positive book review means endorsement from literary experts—and this can be a marketing tool in itself.
A Stamp of Credibility
Add credibility to both your work and your reputation as an author by including an excerpt from the review on the most visible part of your book, its cover.
More Exposure Through Ads
A single slot ad of your book (1 out of 8) will be included in a full colour catalogue sent to Kirkus' database of industry influencers looking for books to acquire or feature.
A Press Release Campaign
Attract media attention with a professionally written press release distributed to at least 100 English-speaking media outlets.
What if I get a not-so-favourable review?
Experts will conduct an honest, unbiased, and professional critique of your book. As such, we cannot ensure a favourable review of your work. But did you know that you can still benefit from an unfavourable evaluation?
Constructive feedback provides you with useful pointers on how you can hone your writing craft.
If you decide it's in the best interest of your book to undergo a revision, you can use the objective review to help you improve its overall quality.
Give your book the credibility it deserves by getting a professional review by Kirkus Indie today. To sign up or to learn more about this service, call us today on 000 800 10062 62 (toll-free in India) or +1 317 522 1870 (outside India, international calling rates apply). You may also send an e-mail to