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Will I make money when my book is sold online through Partridge India?

You will earn a royalty amount when your book is sold through Partridge India, as well as other online retailers. Review the rest of this FAQ page for more details about how and when you get will your pay.
Please note that when you order your book through us and receive your author discounted price, you will not receive royalty for those books. Read the full FAQ about this below.

How is the price of my book determined?

The price of your book is determined by this equation:

Fixed cost for cover and page count + distribution cost + royalty amount = price of your book.

The cover cost and page count determine the minimum base price for the production of your book. The distribution and royalty amounts are displayed once you have chosen the total selling price.

What is “distribution cost” in Partridge Publishing?

Distribution cost is calculated by the costs involved in offering your book for purchase through various channels. These costs include maintaining a spot for your book on a Web site, keeping information current, order fulfilment, customer support and any other processes to ensure that your book is available to readers.

How does Partridge India calculate royalty payments?

Royalties are based on the payments we actually receive from the sale of printed or electronic (e-book) copies of your book, minus any shipping and handling charges or sales and use taxes. Also, we offer discounts to retail and wholesale customers, so the royalty amount you receive depends on what type of customer bought your book and any discount they received.

When am I paid royalties? When do quarters start and end?

We pay royalties on a quarterly basis:

First Quarter: January 1 to March 31 (cheques are mailed in late May)
Second Quarter: April 1 to June 30 (cheques mailed in late August)
Third Quarter: July 1 to September 30 (cheques mailed in late November)
Fourth Quarter: October 1 to December 31 (cheques mailed in late February)

You are paid for the books sold and shipped in the given time frame. If a book was purchased online on March 30, but the book was not actually printed and shipped until April 2, then you would be paid in the second quarter, not the first, since the book wasn’t ship until the second quarter.
You will only be paid once for the original book sale. For instance, if a book is resold in any kind of second-hand store, you will not earn a royalty on the purchase. Also, you earn a royalty when a retailer purchases your printed book for their store, but not when a consumer actually purchases your book off the shelf.

Can my royalty cheque be split between a co-author and myself?

No, we currently do not offer the option to split the royalty payment between individuals. This is due to tax restrictions. You can, of course, do whatever you wish with the royalty payments once you receive them, but it will be up to you to split any payments with co-authors.

Can I arrange for someone else to receive my royalty payments?

Yes you can, but only if you transfer to that person the entire rights of your agreement with Partridge India. They will also hold the copyright for the book, but not the content of the book or your manuscript. If you would like to arrange this, please contact your publishing consultant.

What is the difference between a channel or retail sale and a Partridge India sale?

If you purchased an ISBN and channel distribution, there are two different kinds of sales (if you have the distribution only through the Partridge India Bookstore, which is free, then retail sales do not apply to you.) When a book is sold through our website, it is considered an Partridge India sale. A retail, or channel sale, is when the book is sold through any retailer other than Partridge India (like Amazon.com or Barnes and Noble). The selling price must be the same for both Partridge India and retail sales, but the royalty amount you’ll earn will depend on the type of sale.

Am I paid royalty on books I purchase?

It depends on how you place the order. If you place an order through Live or Partridge India e-mail you’ll receive your author discount, then no, you will not receive a royalty payment for that order. This is because you receive the "royalty" as a discount up front. However, if you order directly through our Web site or a retailer and pay full price, then yes, you will receive a royalty payment for that purchase.

I've noticed my book being sold as "used" on Web sites but I have not received payment; why haven't I been paid?

Often, retailers list books on their Web sites and advertise that they have "new and used" copies of books. Retailers use this as a marketing tool to entice the consumer by frequently offering a small discount on the used version. This does not necessarily mean that they have an actual copy of your book on hand, which is most likely the case if you have not been paid a royalty for the book sale. If any books are sold to a retailer, you will earn the retail royalty amount which was agreed upon.

If a retailer or third party actually is selling a used copy of the book, you would have already been paid in the past for the original sale.

Why is my book listed at a different price on certain sites?

When you publish with Partridge India, your book is circulated to various retail channels through Ingram, our distributor. Retailers can list the selling price of your book at whatever price they wish, although most follow the suggested retail price which you select. However, some retailers may choose to list the book higher or lower than the suggested retail price, which is completely within their rights. Regardless of what a retailer sells your book for, you will always receive the retail royalty amount agreed to during the production of your book.

How do I know that I am being paid fairly for my book sales?

You will be provided with a royalty statement showing book sales and royalty payment details each quarter. The statements are compiled and cross-examined by multiple parties to ensure an accurate record of royalty payments.

Both our printer and distributor employ independent auditing firms to verify the book sales data. Additionally, a globally recognised accounting firm conducts yearly audits of our finances to ensure accuracy. But, if you feel there has been an error in your royalty payment report, you can contact your publishing assistant to look in the matter more thoroughly.

How can I track my book sales?

Book sales are reported on the quarterly statements distributed with royalty cheques. Currently, we cannot track book sales mid-quarter.

I do not have a Social Security number because I am not a U.S. Citizen. What now?

Even if you live outside of the United States, you will still earn a royalty just as our American authors do, but we are required to withhold 30 percent of your royalty earnings. This percentage will be withheld unless you apply for a foreign tax number by submitting a W-8BEN. With a foreign tax ID, we're no longer required to withhold taxes. Any money that was previously collected can be reclaimed with your taxes at the end of the year, but we cannot repay it.

For more information, or to download a W-8BEN, visit www.irs.gov

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